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Trey + Maria Proposal

Oh my heart. This day, this proposal, these moments will forever be some of my favorite and the most fun I have been a part of capturing. Shooting proposals, finding the best hiding places, sneakily darting out of bushes once he gets on one knee is honestly exhilarating. But when it is for dear friends and the sweetest couple it is also the most honoring thing to witness.

We don’t take lightly the blessing it is to be a part of all the “secrets,” to be the ones talking with the groom-to-be about his nerves, how he’s feeling, to be the first people to shout congratulations and give them a hug and just watch the plans completely unfold into the most epic surprise ever.  There were SO many moving parts to this day and to say that Trey not only pulled it off, but did it brilliantly would be an understatement.

Our cars were 30 minutes down the mountain so Treys friend  could taks us  up there and drop us off with not a clue in sight. It was just the three of us and Treys bike of course because, “Trey was going riding up the mountain he goes riding on, on a regular basis and got a flat tire, and needed Maria to come get him.” GENIUS.  She drove his truck obviously because he had to put the bike somewhere, and his “work clothes” were in there  (and dear Lord, the ring!) that he could change into for them to hurry and meet friends for dinner. In her mind, Trey riding right after work, which is why the “work clothes” were in the car.

I am laughing as I am typing this. So everyday, so believable, SO AMAZING. I won’t continue to tell the full story and all the other small details leading up to this milestone in their lives because it is their story to tell. The joy on their face, the tears, endless hugs and complete shock Maria was in made time stand still and it was just so sweet to be there. We rode back down the moutain with them, witnessing the their fresh engaged joy! It was truly the best.

Congratulations you two! Yall are gold and we adore you! The best is yet to come!