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The Birth of Evie

This day, this story, the story of Evie will always be a story that holds nothing but joy and the Lords faithfulness. It’s a story that will always start and end with saying, “Only God”. It was a day that I saw so many “God winks” and one that I will forever be honored to have been a part of. I want these images to speak of the this story more than my words are capable of. However, I want to share with you just a further glimpse into the unfolding gift this day was.

About two months before Evie was born, I was in Nashville with my brand new nephew and I had an extrememly vivid dream that I photographed Hopes labor. I woke up remembering almost every detail and I wanted so badly to immediately text Hope and let her know. However, knowing and respecting how personal of a decision it is to have someone photograph your labor, I knew it wasn’t my place to bring it up or ask. I knew that if it was meant to be, the Lord would make it happen and put it on her heart somehow someway. Well, fast forward about 10 minutes and I rolled over in bed grabbed my phone and saw a text from Hope saying, “Cammy, how would you feel about photographing our Labor and Delivery. Spyro and I would love to have you there.” I MEAN WHAT?! Yall, I can’t make this stuff up. I am pretty sure we were dreaming the same dream at the same time.

With Hope being due in in April and me being in the thick of wedding season, I knew that the Lord was gonna make the very small window of time possible for me to be able to be there. Let’s just say that Hope went into labor 2 weeks and 2 days early. Not only was I able to be there but my two sisters were BOTH in town and were able to go to the hospital in the beginning stages of her labor and pray over her.

Things were going to take a while so Hope and Spyro decided it was best if I went home and they would call me when things started to pick up. I told them to make sure to let me know when she was 7 or 8 cm. Being on call that whole day and mostly throughout the night was so fun and such a rush. I slept with my phone on full blast on my chest, my camera bag was in my car, my shoes were right next to my bedsie and I even decided to sleep with my twin since she was up every 2 hours nursing her baby boy. I knew if I was in her room, I wouldn’t fall into a deep sleep and would be ready to get out the door ASAP when they called me. Well, thank goodness I did. At around 4:50 Spyro called and said “It’s go time Cam. She is about to start pushing!” What?! Shes a 10? Shes pushing? I threw on my shoes, and made a 30 minute drive to the hospital in 17 minutes, praying the whole time  I would make it. I arrived at the hospital at 5:20 a.m. and sweet Evie was born at 5:33 a.m. When I got in the room, I could see that Evie was crowning. My camera was already around me, I grabbed Hopes hand letting her know she could do this and it was such a sweet moment watching her and Spyro in these final moments before they were about to welcome either their baby girl or baby boy into the world.

Yes, I must add that Hope and Spyro decided to be surprised with finding out the gender. Oh the rush, the adrenaline, the excitement that flooded the room was undescribable. Hearing Spyro say “OH MY GOD, IT’S A GIRL!” and watching Hope start sobbing with joy and also a little shock was something I will never forget. Evie was put on her chest right when the song “Good Good father” started playing. Which is why we chose that to be the song to the highlight film of this day. As Hope said, “I just felt an overwhelming joy, peace, and euphoric happiness. Evie was here! Ofcourse it’s Evie! It was the most amazing moment of my entire life.”

Oh sweet Evie, you are so adored. This story will always be summed up by saying “He is a good good father.”