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Kelsey and JR. Anniversary

Snow on the beach, having the whole thing to ourselves, strong winds and the most gorgeous golden light. This session was hands down one for the books. My jaw stayed completely dropped the entire time. I couldn’t even believe all that was in front of my lens. All I knew is it was so beautiful, so freezing, and I pretty much screamed of joy the entire time.

Sam and I drove to Charleston wondering if we would even make it. The roads were horrible, but Lordy are we glad we pushed through. When Kelsey asked if we wanted to reschedule due to the weather, this vision of no one on the beach, possibly snow by the water came to me, and I said, “Absolutely not, we are headed to Charleston now!” These images speak so much of who Kelsey and JR are. They are free spirits, full of passion and love and have such a steady sureness of who they are and whose they are. This session was such an honor to do, not only because I adore them, but because JR was leaving in just a couple of weeks for an entire year to pursue his dream of being a Navy Seal. I kept asking how they were doing knowing that they would soon embark on such a crazy hard season. Kelsey kept telling me how much peace they both had and how she could feel the Lord so tangibly in all of it. I am so glad to have spent this sweet evening with them and still these moments for them. So much peace and so much joy below. Enjoy friends. You won’t want to miss this one.