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Johnson Wedding

I walked up to this sweet heavenly place already an emotional wreck and full of anticipation for the way God was gonna show up. Not only did it mean so much for to be back at the place I got married again, but Sarah and Cole are those people you just feel so honored to have met, let alone capture the day God was joining them together. Sarah and Cole (as you will see below) were one of the most joyful bride and grooms I have ever seen. Their day was full of intentional moments whether that was hugging her grandmother before her dress went on. Laughing hysterically with her bridesmaides when they got to the last botton on of her dress and realized they had been “off one” the entire time. She wanted her mom and sister to be a part of the first look with her dad. She gave her parents gifts and prayed with them, and actually wanted that time to be just the three of them.  She wanted to get lost in time of prayer with her girls before the ceremony while we listened to them rehearse the worship songs they chose.

Cole and her have the biggest heart for the disabled (they shared a lot about that when I met them for coffee) and seeing all their sweet friends come as they were and dance the night away with them brought tears to my eyes. It was literally a glimpse of heaven to see some of those angels faces light up around them.

And lastly, I will say this. Any wedding that gets so lost in the message of their ceremony and in worship to where they just want to keep worshiping at the alter till the sun goes down, is one that I will never forget. I watched their disabled friends read scripture, I watched everyone stand in worship and tears roll down the entire wedding party’s faces. I watched Cole pull her in tighter and tighter each moment they were getting closer to being announced husband and wife. It was an hour and a half of worship in the loft of barn. For a moment the photographer part of me stood by the back window at one point and, saw the sun go down and thought “oh no! Pictures!” But as I turned around, seeing the market lights begin to lite up more, seeing a bride and groom give praise to their king, seeing their dream become their greatest role in life, the Lord stopped me, reminding me and making me still in knowing that this is what it’s all about.

After the ceremony they hugged each and every guest and ushered each row out to their reception. It took a while but I loved watching their faces join each guest thanking them for coming. After that last row, we all three looked at each other and hurried outside to atleast get the last bit of light before it was pitch dark. They were laughing and squealing over how long their ceremony was while we made our way outside. They said “Cam, capture what you can. We care more about what happened up there then the perfect pictures.” Yall, 8 months later and I still think about that phrase on a daily basis. Making the most of this sweet time, I told them to walk away, share as many kisses as they could, twirl barefoot in your dress, and carry her up onto the reception. It was so fun and so cool to experience the utter joy of this day with them.

Grateful for this opportunity, grateful to still the sweetest moments of their beginning. Hope you enjoy friends.