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The Birth of Adalyn Grace

I will never be able to put into words what it’s like to witness your sister give birth. This day will forever be cemented in my heart as I watched my sisters brave heart and strong spirit completely surrender to Jesus in a way that was humbling and so empowering . I remember her tears, her crying out help, but I also remember the way she still managed to smile and laugh in between the pain. I remember her shaking, yet staying so calm. I remember watching her husband Adam completely be her rock and encourage her in powerful unforgettable ways. I remember her nurse coming up to me and my twin saying “your sister is so strong and I am so inspired by her.”

I remember Lauren called us Thursday night letting us know that she was feeling a ton of pressure and she thought things were gonna pick up later that night. So my twin, her baby boy, my mom, and I drove to Charleston at 9:00 and were there by midnight. I could hear Lauren working through contractions right when I walked in the door. I remember Lauren and I stayed downstairs, so we could let everyone else get some shut eye before things got intense. I made the couch into a bed and we stayed up till 3:30 chatting in between contractions and helping her through them when they came on. It was crazy, and hard to watch her in so much pain, but we both to this day talk about how it is one of our sweetest sister memories.  At around 4:30 a.m. her contractions had stopped, she went to bed, and woke up actually super discouraged that her labor had stalled. However little did we know that when her and Adam left later that morning for what was suppose to be a “check up” and them meeting us out for lunch afterwards turned into a phone call saying, “She’s 6 cm and we are having this baby soon.” My twin sister and I jumped in the car and got to the hospital as fast as we could. Her labor was fast but with fast came an intensity of pain that only Jesus could carry her through. Lauren had her mind on being finished, and Addie girl being on her chest, and it was amazing to watch the joy she held onto for that future moment got her through the pain in the current moments. I learned a whole lot about life, about birth, about the power of the mind, and simply how great our God is through my sister, through her team, through watching my twin look into her eyes and relate to her, through Adam fully trusting and believing she had this.

I could go on and on but for now I will let these pictures speak of an amazing story. I also had the honor of making a short documentary film of these moments that you can watch here.  And yes, little Levi meeting his baby sister for the first time is something I still think about almost everyday. Life is such gift. Thank you Jesus!