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Tyler + Blaire

Tyler and Blaire. They are as genuine as they come and their love and chemistry was one of my favorites to photograph. They didn’t mind one bit when they were welcomed into my home with a love tackle from our black bear (our dog named Ty). The three of us sat in my kitchen with cups of coffee and sweet conversation. They are the kind of couple you lose track of time with getting to know and watch interact. We talked about marriage and all they are looking forward too. I got to freshen up Blaires pretty hair as we were becoming so giddy about the fun evening we were about to experience. We roamed the sweet land I call home and ended this session by hoping in my pick up truck to chase the sunset. Below is a couple I am blessed to know. These are simple moments captured in the dreamy woods behind our sweet farmhouse, and these are a reminder to me of how blessed I am to do what I do. Thank you Lord.