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Rude Wedding- St. John, Virgin Islands

I truly have no words for this day, or for all the beautiful days that led up to it spent with so many amazing hearts in the incredible island of St. John. From getting off the fairy with the most anxious heart to hug this bride as her wedding week had begun, to meeting so many new people, seeing familiar faces, and reuniting with family at a beach bar, to spending a day on a catamaran with everyone who had traveled from all over to celebrate this couple, to grilling out at our wedding party villa, to a beautiful and meaningful bridal bruncheon that overlooked the whole island, to one tearful toast at their rehearsal dinner, to this day…their wedding day,  I would say it was a week that I will never forget. This day was started out by getting ready at her family’s villa, which led to eating fresh fruit, laughing with many girls, and watching the bride get ready at Caneel Bay. I just sat in awe as I watch Jenna put on her wedding gown in front of this massive window that overlooked crystal clear blue water, vibrant flowers, and sail boats. Jenna had this peace about her that was so beautiful yet so radiant. It was time. It was finally her time and she embraced every moment leading up to it so graciously and intentionally. Guest were seated and just before we started walking down the aisle, God brought a rain shower. Not a heavy ugly, soaking wet rain shower. He brought a rain shower with no clouds, and it was only hitting on us. It only came in one spot. There was this pouring of rain through the sun, and I stood their and thought “God you are here, you are good, you are purifying, creating, and your showering us with your love and goodness.” The rain stopped after about 3 minutes. It was the craziest thing I had ever witnessed in my life and then we all began walking down the aisle to the song “Here comes the sun.” While Jenna was walking down to her groom, a rainbow was formed right above where they stood as they vowed “forever” to one another. And you are not going to believe me, but as if the rainbow wasn’t enough, God decided to form a small cloud in the shape of a heart. It was magical. Truly and simply magical. Something you see that you cant help but know that God is real and He is faithful. It was an emotional ceremony indeed, and I will never forget the honor that it was to stand next to my Jenna, my cousin, my sister, and my dearest friend. Shortly after we danced the night away to the most talented live band I have ever heard, and ended the night with carribean show girls/dancers surprising everyone and giving us one amazing finale!

Out of all of this, the most beautiful thing, the most surreal thing, was that two joined together and became one. Gods ultimate and powerful design for a man and a woman. I am so happy for these newlyweds. This is just the beginning you two. More sun, more rain, and more rainbows are coming your way. Embrace it all. I love you.

I must add that below are just some of my favorite moments I got to capture when I had some time to get behind my camera. We had some fun playing her veil just moments before she became Mrs. Rude. Enjoy.