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“Within this Christian vision of marriage, here’s what it means to fall in love. It is to look at another person and get a glimpse of what God is creating, and to say, “I see who God is making you, and it excites me! I want to be part of that. I want to partner with you and God in the journey you are taking to his throne. And when we get there, I will look at your magnificence and say, ‘I always knew you could be like this. I got glimpses of it on earth, but now look at you!”- Tim Keller


You simply read the purpose of why we fall in love, why we have weddings, why we long to join hand in hand with someone forever. There is such a bigger picture in all of this. Love is so much more than a wedding, or all the fun things you experience while being engaged. After a wedding comes marriage. Its not about the perfect ring, the prettiest dress, the showers, the decorations, the guests, the food, etc. It is simply about you, your spouse, and the Lord joining together to become one flesh. To look at one another the way the Lord sees you. To get excited for all thats to come within your story, within your heart as you adventure through your marriage. My hope is that people would focus more on the journey that their taking on as husband and wife. Your wedding day is important, it is a big deal, it is a mighty celebration and the most beautiful way to begin marriage. But living the “everyday life” with your spouse, experiencing the realness of life together, and looking at one another in the way that Gods sees us is even more important. And to me, that is something to be celebrated, to work at, to prepare for, to pray for.

So with that part said, I want to say, “Hello” bride-to-be or to whoever else is reading these words.  I just wanted to take the time and send you some encouragement. You are in such a sweet season, but also a challenging season, full of decision making, planning, meetings, budgeting, and much more. As a very recent bride myself, I want you to know, that I understand this whole process and adventure. I experienced myself all the joys, the celebrations as well as the hard parts to planning your big day. My wedding day went by me like a blink of an eye. I did many things throughout my day to try and help me take it all in as much as I  could, but even so, I was in a cloud. I always knew that photographs were the most important thing to me. But it wasn’t until I actually got married that I realized it even more.

There are so many reasons why I value so much of what I do.

Here is what really hit me the day after my wedding.

-Your food will be eaten

-Your venue will eventually have a lock on it, and the set up will be torn down within hours.

-Your cake will be cut up into slices before many people even get to have a good look at it. And people will also devour it very quickly.

-Your flowers will die, very quickly. (I currently have my dead bouquet on my dresser just for fun).

-No one will stare at your table cloths, your chairs, what kind of place settings, cups, silverware, or napkins you choose.

-From my own wedding, the company that set up completely forgot to hang certain lights that we had paid for and wanted. So with that said, things wont always be set up the way you envisioned.

– YOUR DRESS- Oh if I could only show you a picture of mine now. IT WILL GET DIRTY. It will soon be covered in dust, dirt, grass stains, and be something that hang in your closet or be stored away.

All the things that add up to be so much not just in dollar signs, but your time, your energy, your stress, will be gone in a day. But guess what the great news is….

The two things you will be able to hold onto forever is…


2. YOUR PICTURES.  These will hold all of the memories, all moments that you may have not remembered. Your day will be captured for you, and you will be able to hold onto those sweet memories for the rest of your life, and for generations to come. You wont be able to show your children and grandchildren your flowers, and they wont be able to taste your food or your cake. But what you can show them are the pictures of it all.

When times in life or in your marriage get really hard, you will be able to have the gift of tangible photographs to look at and remember the day that you had all your loved ones cheering you on, witnessing the beautiful everlasting promise you vowed to one another. Photographs simply “take you back.” They can take you back to the moment you saw your dad for the first time in your wedding gown. They take you back to the countless hugs you gave your loved ones throughout the day. They take you back to the feeling of when you saw your groom for first time. They take you back to the tears that streamed down your face when you were finally pronounced husband and wife. They take you back to the sweet time of prayer before you walked down the aisle. They take you back to the moments you danced with your Papa, or when you were trying to take everything in listening to the heartfelt toast. It is one day, but one day that changes your life forever. It is the day that you started your very own family. That is something to be cherished and remembered forever.

I only say these things as a gentle reminder that planning a wedding is all about GIVE AND TAKE. For me, having the photographers that I wanted, and going the extra mile to have them was worth every penny. It was worth not having top of the line food, or the biggest and nicest flowers. My advice to you, is to simply prioritze what is the most important for you, and go from there. The rest will fall in place exactly the way it was suppose too.

My prayer is that you wlll spend more time preparing for your marriage than you do planning for your wedding day. Your wedding is one day, but marriage is eternal. And I hope that you hold tightly to the memories that will be saved and captured through an artist and their lens. I would be more than honored to play that role for you on your special day.