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Larrisa and Christian. Engagement.

I will never forget the way me and Larrisa hugged as strangers. It was one of those hugs that you give/recieve when you really miss someone. And yet, we didn’t even know each other. Fast forward over two hours and a sweet consulation at starbucks became more of a heart to heart about her and Christians story, about the Lords faithfulness and how His ways are so much better so much richer than ours. I was looking so forward to their engagement session I could have burst right then. Little did I know it would be even more special than I anticipated. The Lord gave us a little window of a beautiful evening in the midst of what was such a rainy week. They swung on the old glider in my backyard and continued telling me the story of how they met when they were 10-years-old. They laughed over telling me about how he had the biggest crush on her in the 4th grade. We ran around in the fields surrounding the farmhouse, and ended the evening processing the fun it all was around my kitchen table. This session was so special not because it was right at the place I call home, but I got to witness the “home” these two have found in each other. The joy, the fullness of their story, the celebratory kisses, and sweet snuggles was something I so adored being invited into. So here is to this sweet evening and the answered prayers of using our home to welcome the Lords sweet gifts He gives us.