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Barcellona Wedding

Oh this day. A day that I love to breath in and out everytime it comes to my mind. A day that two of the sweetest souls became one after 7 years of dating. A feeling I know all to well myself. This day kicked off my 2016 season, and I kept telling the Lord, “If this is a picture of what this year will hold, I am so so excited.” Not only did I get to kick off this season photographing these beautiful people, but I also got to be at the very same place I got married. I hadn’t been back since that December day, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t tear up and memories didn’t flood my mind the whole day thinking about it all. And by “all” I mean, thinking of how crazy time is, thinking of how much the Lord works in just a short amount of time, thinking about the incredible design of covenant and how undeserving we are to live out such incredible love. I thought about how the Lord met me in a way I had never experienced and how he was about to meet Lindy and Sean in a way they had never experienced as well. It was a magical day, for so so many reasons and I am honored to have played part behind a camera, stilling moments that were so fleeting in person yet ones that would remain in their hearts and minds and within their promise forever.

Lindy also has a twin sister and an older sister, just like me! Seeing them be her maid of honors and help her get ready, and share in her joy and happy tears made me understand them and connect with them in such a sweet way. I saw so much of myself in Lindy on this day. She was calm, so calm and had a peace that completely set the tone for the rest of the day. She was ready. She didn’t worry about the little things, she simply just wanted to see her man. I see so much of the time during bride and groom portraits where the couple is so ready to get to their cocktail hour, barely even recognizing what just happened, or knowing that this short segment of time is full of your first hugs and kisses and laughs as husband and wife. I remember never wanting it to end, because I was with Sam, in his arms, and nothing else was on my mind. Lindy and Sean were the exact same way and I could cry right now just thinking about it.

I could go on and on about this day. The blessing it was to see her grandpa marry them, to listen to her bridesmaides all day affirm how beautiful she looked and see their adoration of who Lindy and Sean were. To see her twin fight back tears so many times, and to capture Lindy and Sean embrace each other till the sun went down, laughing, crying, holding each others hands so tight squealing that the wait was over, and they were finally married! I hope you enjoy scrolling through this blog post and feel the sincerety of their love through these photos. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Barcellona!


Cheers to you Mr. and Mrs. Barcellona. Thank you for inviting me into such a special day and the moments you will treausre forever. I adore you two!